April 25, 2017

Interested In Signing

Hello & Thank you for your interest in Authors in the City, 2018.

Since 2018 is our final year, we’ve gone invite only.

We are giving those who have signed with us before the opportunity to return as well as adding a few of those who’ve been on our lists since 2014, a spot if they would like.

We do not have a signup.

We don’t have a waitlist.

However, we are taking names of those authors who have expressed an interest in signing.

We currently have 33 of the limited 50 tables already claimed and are waiting for the first round of invites to decline before we send out the second. We wish we had space for each and every one of you but we opted for a smaller affair with limited number of authors as well as a limited number of tickets.

If you’re still interested in having your name added to our interest list, please fill out the interest box below.


Thank you.

Stephanie, Lori & Donna.



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